ThEssentiaof TeacheTrainin

(Pre-Conference Training)


 Who is it for?

Experienced teachers who wish to pass on their expertise and teacher trainers who wish to create a better training room environment and learn about the internationally certified trainers’ toolkit.


‘Teacher Training Essentials’ is designed to increase the skill set from concept building to delivery of an individual trainer. It covers a wide range of skills from need analysis,content building,and training delivery,measuring the target audience to the final level of feedback analysis and performance evaluation.


  • How is training different from teaching
  • Creating optimum situation for learning (how to handle disruptive behavior)
  • Training room dynamics and making sessions interactive
  • Discussing what a solid training program looks like
  • Building a support network (Collaborative learning and mentoring)
  • Professional development for trainers

How to Apply

You can register for this program when you register for IATEFL Conference.  To register click here.

Space is limited,so register early: Enrollment is limited to 30 participants for the certificate course. Registration fees include all workshops,materials,an administrative fee and refreshment service during the workshops.

All participants will be awarded an internationally recognized certificate at the end.